DesignTO is a non-profit arts organization best known for the DesignTO. DesignTO is Canada’s leading and largest annual design festival that celebrates design as a multidisciplinary form of creative thinking and making, with 100+ exhibitions and events forming Toronto’s design week every January. During this year’s festival visitors are invited to walk Dundas St West as a gallery, exploring this vibrant neighbourhood and seeing work from local artists and designers in businesses’ storefronts and windows. And on January 21 from 2-3pm make sure to check out DesignTO Talks: Across Land and Water at Worth Gallery, 830 Dundas ST W.

You can see installations at the following TBBIA businesses. Click on the links in pink for more information about the artist and exhibit:

 760 Dundas St W


Carriers of the Everyday

777 Dundas St W

Collective Arts


 862 Dundas St W

Cafe Pastel

Great Friends

 812 Dundas St W


Pattern Paper Lights

 820 Dundas St W

Capri Shoes

Second Life Sculpture

 827 Dundas St W

Sovereign State

Shifting Grounds

 830 Dundas St W

Worth Gallery

Water Weavings

 870 Dundas St W

Hamers Coffee

Coffee Culture: Ritual Comforts and Kōhi Coat

 789 Dundas St W


Origin of Life

 797 Dundas St W






Repetition and Rupture